Our Mission

The Arnhold Global Health Institute will continue Mount Sinai’s long and proud tradition of providing medical and surgical care in developing countries where need is great and resources are few. We do this in partnership with the World Health Organization, country governments and charitable organizations.

We build on Mount Sinai’s unique strengths as a major academic medical center with deep commitment to community service in the world’s most globalized city. We are committed to:

  • Making novel discoveries that translate into blueprints for preventing disease and improving health worldwide
  • Training the next generation of physicians and health scientists to be leaders in global health
  • Providing high-quality medical care to the world’s most underserved

Through our commitment, we have built programs and partnerships for health around the world, including:

  • Bangladesh: Providing primary pediatric and obstetrical care to river villages from a hospital boat in
  • Bolivia: Documenting the health benefits of safe drinking water
  • Brazil: Defining the spread of new viral infections in the Amazon jungle
  • Cameroon: Preventing spread of HIV/AIDS in childbirth
  • Liberia: Providing physician training and hospital care
  • Mongolia: Removing cataracts
  • Uganda: Preventing and treating lead poisoning


In July 2010, Icahn School of Medicine was invited to join the Consortium of Universities in Global Health (CUGH). CUGH is an elite association of North American universities dedicated to building collaborations and exchanging knowledge and experience in global health. It is dedicated to creating equity and reducing health disparities, everywhere. The Consortium promotes mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships among universities in resource-rich and resource-poor countries, developing human capital and strengthening institutions.