ENGAGE Program

ENGAGE (Engaging Neighborhoods in General and Personalized Genomics Education) is a multi-disciplinary research program that is funded by The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine (IPM). Its long-term objective is to develop a set of multi-modal educational materials about genomics, and to evaluate the efficacy of the materials in terms of increasing general understanding of genomics and in enabling informed decision-making regarding personalized genomics. The ENGAGE team created an informational module to enable individuals to better understand whole personal genome sequencing. The ENGAGE team involves physician investigators, health psychologists, behavioral scientists, bioethicists, geneticists, genetic counselors, and community researchers. The principal investigator
of ENGAGE are:

Ethylin Wang Jabs, MD
Professor, Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Lynne Richardson, MD
Associate Professor, Health Evidence and Policy, Emergency Medicine

Saskia Sanderson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genomic Sciences