Equipment and Infrastructure


All Cancer Institute Biorepository (CIB) -80°C freezers are equipped with 24/7 alarm system and back-ups, and liquid nitrogen tanks are available.

A robust Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is necessary to support both data collection and specimen tracking. The CIB is using two databases:

  • Clinical Data Collection Database: Clinical and research data are captured using the Mount Sinai created Electronic Research Application Portal (eRAP) software. Created databases are disease-specific, tailored to the needs of each program and to the larger data collection goals of the CIB.
  • Specimen Tracking Database: CIB specimens are barcoded and tracked from time of collection to freezing time.

The CIB has a dedicated senior programmer responsible for system monitoring and oversight.

Blood collection

Blood samples are collected from consented patients and is processed for plasma, serum, and other blood components. Patients are asked to consent to a donation of up to 60cc’s of blood during their initial visits and may be contacted for additional samples during follow-up visits.

CIB will have a dedicated research consenting office in the new cancer clinic space at the Center for Science and Medicine (to be completed in 2012). All incoming patients will be refferred to this office after completing clinic registration and research coordinators would then present a consent form for either CIB.