Message from the Medical Director

The Tisch Cancer Institute Biorepository (CIB) provides a robust infrastructure that allows investigators and programs to collect biospecimens from all cancer patients at Mount Sinai and link these to clinical outcomes. Since 2007, the CIB has consented over 1600 patients with 5500 human biospecimens, including cancer and normal tissue, serum, plasma and DNA. In addition, we have collected over 6,000 anonymized samples from 3,000 patients. These resources have already led to multiple scientific papers, presentations, and grant applications.

With the recent growth in translational cancer investigation at the Tisch Cancer Institute, additional core resources are being allocated to further facilitate translational research. The CIB will provide specimens with annotated clinical data in solid tumors (including prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and others) as well as hematological malignancies. Patients will have the option to consent to tissue and blood collection as well as retrieval of clinical data from medical records and future contact from study personnel.

This website will provide detailed information on the resources available through the CIB, including core equipment, staffing, IT infrastructure, data forms, specimen collection and storage, and opportunities for collaboration with other Mount Sinai programs.

We are excited about the progress of clinical research in the Tisch Cancer Institute. Our vision is that CIB will represent an important core resource to work with investigators and clinicians to understand better ways to diagnose and treat human cancers.

William K. Oh, MD
Medical Director, CIB
Associate Director for Clinical Research, The Tisch Cancer Institute