Hess CSM-SC2 - Ancillary Support Rooms

1. Neuro-testing room. This room is equipped with computer and display for training subjects on fMRI paradigms before they enter the scanner. The computers are configured with EPrime software.

2. MR Simulator ("Mock" MRI) room. This room is equipped with a PST MR Simulator unit. The simulator can simulate the MRI noise that is produced with the most common MRI sequences being used in functional imaging. The mock scanner is also equipped with a display and EPrime configured computer and PST fiber-optic button gloves to simulate fMRI paradigms. This MRI simulator will allow researchers to acclimatize the subjects to the ‘enclosed’ MRI environment before they actually go into a real scanner. This is especially important for studies involving children.

3. Clinical exam room. This room is equipped with a patient exam table and diagnostic wall sets including a rheostat, opthalmoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, and patient scale.