CSM- 1st Floor. Image Analysis and Data Center

One of the main functions of TMII is to provide the infrastructure for access to research imaging. A comprehensive set of image modalities are supported for both human as well as animal work. Scheduling support for access to the different scanners consists of web-based online calendars, as well as life telephone scheduling support. TMII also provides a central hub for image distribution and archiving.

TMII operates a 100TB server for online storage where all imaging data is pushed to and distributed from. The capacity will be expanded annually as needed. In addition, there is also an image analysis room equipped with a large viewing display and image analysis workstations for image analysis and training use.

TMII provides image analysis support through the Image Analysis Core. This core consists of IT personnel, software engineers, imaging physicists, research assistants and other support personnel. Expert consultation for research projects including protocol design, specialized pulse sequences, special image acquisition hardware (coils), custom made functional MRI stimulus hardware are all supported. Comprehensive project based image analysis support is also provided. Modalities supported include PET, MRI, fMRI, DTI and its variants, resting state fMRI. Image analysis training is also supported for those researchers who want to learn more about image analysis in general. Training ranges from regular classroom based graduate courses taught by TMII faculty, to hands on training on the use of specific software packages such as FSL, SPM, Brainvoyager and TMII's own in-house developed software packages.