MRI Safety Training

Category 1: Researchers within this category include those who need to have access to the MRI suites to configure peripherals for functional imaging, instructing patients or subjects, and running stimulation paradigms, or collecting physiological information. This category is for those who do not need to operate the scanner, typically research coordinators, who bring subjects and individuals who collect peripheral data during scanning sessions.

Category 2: Within this category are selected researchers who need to operate the scanner and optimize protocols.

Category 3: This category is comprised of physicists who develop/install/modify software and hardware. This is typically for investigators working with TMII technical scientists who develop new tools.

All categories need to follow the following procedures:
1) Register your project with Dr. Cheuk Tang (, include a brief description of the project and your role.

2) Watch the safety videos provided in the following links:

3) Take the following test:  Click on the left side of the screen at the MRI Safety (for professionals or nonprofessionals). Read and/or listen to it and take the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz, print it for your records and attach a copy to this form.

4) Have a walk through with one of the technologists attending the scanner you intend to use, and have the tech sign off on your walk through here: __________________,

Tech name:_________________ Scanner: ________________

5) Return this form to Cheuk Tang (

For Category 2, 3: Go through all the steps for category 1 and meet with Cheuk Tang
or Zahi Fayad ( to discuss details.

Category 2: Sign off __________________, Tech name:

Category 3: Sign off __________________, Faculty Name:

Radiation Safety Training:  Required only for users handling radioactive materials/subjects.   Contact Radiation Safety officer Dr. Jacob Kamen (

NOTE: Please reach out to the Director Zahi Fayad, PhD ( with any questions.  The SOP for safety training is available at (SOP102).