Nina Bhardwaj Laboratory

The Bhardwaj lab focuses on the study of dendritic cells, which serve a crucial function as sentinels of the immune system. They are potent antigen-presenting cells which integrate microbe sensing, antigen display, and context-dependent instruction to T cells, to direct the appropriate type of immune response. The Bhardwaj lab focuses on combining fundamental research in dendritic cell biology with innovative translational and clinical approaches. We are thus investigating specialized cytokine secretion, antigen presentation, T cell skewing, interactions with NK cells, and optimal methods of antigen delivery for vaccines using dendritic cells, in HIV, autoimmunity and cancer.

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1470 Madison Avenue Room 201
New York, NY 10029 | USA

Meet Our PI

Nina Bhardwaj, MD PhD is a Professor of Medicine (Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology) is the Director of Immunotherapy for The Tisch Cancer Institute. Read more

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