Acylcarnitine Profile

Test Description:
Acylcarnitines are intermediate metabolites involved with fatty acid oxidation and detoxification of acylCoAs from organic acid metabolism. The test is valuable in diagnosing and monitoring patients with a clinical suspicion or positive newborn screen for fatty acid oxidation disorders and some organic acidemias. The acylcarnitine profile is obtained by liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry which provides quantitative evaluations of individual acylcarnitine species as well as the metabolic profile in plasma and dried blood spot samples. For more accurate diagnosis, it is recommended that acylcarnitine analysis should be performed in conjunction with plasma amino acid analysis and urinary organic acid analysis for initial evaluation of patients.

Specimen Requirements:
Plasma: 1-2 ml of blood in sodium heparin (green top) tube. Centrifuge immediately and freeze plasma.
Dried blood spots: Two completely saturated circles of dried blood on filter paper.

Shipping: Ship frozen plasma overnight frozen on dry ice.
Ship dried blood spots overnight.

Turnaround Time: Five days for routine samples.

Same day results available on an emergency basis. Please call the laboratory prior to sending a sample for STAT analysis.

CPT Codes: 82017, 80500, 82492

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