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GCO 09-0194
Preventing Relapse: Cannabidiol

Heroin dependence is a chronic, relapsing medical disorder characterized by persistent drug craving, with loss of control and profound drug seeking behavior. Traditional opioid abuse treatments such as methadone have targeted opioid receptors since heroin metabolites bind with highest affinity to these receptors. However, a large proportion of patients under these medications still relapse in heroin use.

Our clinical trial investigates the efficacy of a research medication Cannabidiol that indirectly targets non-opioid neuronal receptors. Phase I studies in human showed that Cannabidiol was safe with only minor side effects. We are now recruiting research volunteers to participate in Phase II of this very important and much needed clinical research.

If you are dependent on heroin and wish to quit, or if you have been dependent on heroin until recently and wish to stay clean, please call our research staff for more information about our research and how you can participate:


and leave your name, Ad code, a telephone number where you can be reached, and the best time to reach you.

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