Blood Bank Clinical Services 

The Blood Bank Laboratory is open 24/7 to provide testing and blood product release for transfusion. Testing and blood products may be requested within routine turn-around-time or STAT when the transfusion needs are urgent. Emergent blood product requests may come from the emergency department, operating rooms, intensive care units, or delivery rooms. Certain surgical procedures like cardiothoracic and liver transplantation surgeries are especially likely to require multiple blood products within a short period of time, and meeting these urgent needs can be challenging to the blood bank staff. The majority of blood products are given to patients with hematologic malignancies, cancer, and those undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and surgeries. 

Blood bank tests may also be used to diagnose a condition of fetal anemia (i.e., hemolytic disease of the newborn) caused by maternal antibodies. Specially selected compatible red blood cell transfusions may be given to the fetus or neonate if anemia is severe. 

Common Tests 

The tests commonly performed by the Blood Bank Laboratory include the following: 

Type (ABO group and RhD type) 
Antibody Screening and Identification Crossmatch (Compatibility Test) 
DAT (Direct Antiglobulin Test) 
Rosette Test (Screening for fetal RhD+ red cells in maternal blood) 
Kleihauer-Betke Test (Measuring fetal red cells in maternal blood)