Projects and Grants

Project 4: “Mouse Models of Myelofibrosis”
Principal Investigator: Anna Rita Migliaccio, PhD

PO1-CA108671 - Myeloproliferative Disorder Research Consortium
Principal Investigator:  Ronald Hoffman, MD                   

Project 4 was included in the competitive renewal of this PO1 funded by the National Cancer Institute for additional 5 years starting January 1st, 2011.

The scope of this project is to use the Gata1low model to identify the pathobiological pathway, and possible treatment strategies, for primary myelofibrosis. 

New York State Foundation for Science: Personalized therapies for Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia                  
The scope of this project is to develop in vitro assays to predict response to the therapy with histone deacetylase inhibitors of sick cell and thalassemia patients.

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