Core Labs


Molecular Biology Core Lab


George A. Diaz, M.D., Ph.D.

The CRC Core Laboratory provides services in response to the clinical research needs of both established and new CRC Investigators. In support of the goal of advancing translational research, a major objective of the Core Laboratory is to provide a bridge between basic science and clinical research activities. Depending on the needs of the investigator, the Core Laboratory offers support ranging from basic processing and accessioning of samples to assistance with research design and performance of experiments for a variety of molecular biology techniques. The Core Laboratory also serves as an interface between the investigator and the various Shared Research Facilities of Icahn School of Medicine, thereby facilitating and enhancing a clinical investigator's use of the full range of research capabilities available in the institution. In support of this objective, the Dean of  Icahn School of Medicine has agreed to support a 15 percent cost reduction for CRC protocols that use the Shared Resource Facilities as outlined below.

  • Sample Proccessing
  • Accessioning Software
  • Proccessing/Shipping
  • Establishment of Immortalized Cell Lines
  • Isolation and storage of DNA
  • Mutation Analysis
  • DNA Sequencing, Genotyping, and Loss-of-Heterozygosity Analysis
  • Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Design
  • Training and Consultation in Molecular Biology Techniques
  • Mount Sinai Shared Facilities

In response to the rapid evolution of biomedical sciences, the MSSM has developed an extensive array of Institutional Research Shared Facilities. These shared interdepartmental facilities bring state-of-the-art instrumentation, methodologies and expertise crucial to modern biomedical research within the reach of all MSSM investigators. These facilities, staffed by experts, not only provide research services, but also are sources of instruction and training and, as such, constitute a major educational resource for those wishing to diversify or explore new avenues of research. Among others, the major facilities include:

  • Microscopy Laboratory - Scott Henderson, Ph.D., Director
  • Molecular Modeling Facility - Mihaly Mezei, Ph.D., Director
  • Hybridoma Laboratory - Thomas. Moran, Ph.D., Director
  • DNA Array Core - James Wetmur, Ph.D., Acting Director