Major pieces of equipment we use include:

  • The Siemens Allegra (3.0T) Scanner

  • MRI compatible ERP system. A 64-channel ERP system with fMRI compatible amplifier, the BrainAmp MR plus was funded by National Center for Research Resources.

  • MRI simulator. The Laboratory of Neuroimaging has installed an MRI simulator, which mimics the appearance and noise of a real MRI scanner. It is equipped with a stimulus presentation and response collection system similar to the one used in the real MRI scanner. The simulator serves to acclimate research participants to the scanning environment and allows them to gain familiarity with experimental tasks.

Computer servers

The Laboratory of Neuroimaging has one 64 bit Dual Processor Xserve G5 server, one 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon server, and one 64 bit Dual Processor Xserve Cluster Node. The laboratory has one 3.5TB Xserve RAID, one 7.0TB Xserve RAID, and one 10TB Promise Vtrak E-Class RAID for data storage, and an Exabyte autoloader for routine data backup on tapes. All of these devices are located in a dedicated server room for the laboratory. 

Using custom-built software, the Laboratory of Neuroimaging takes data as they are sent from the MR scanners and organizes them by project identification, making the data readily available to researchers but limiting users to projects they are affiliated with. In addition, scripts to batch process raw data are available to quickly organize data in formats that are easier to analyze in.

Computer workstations

The Laboratory of Neuroimaging has five 64 bit dual processor Power Mac G5 workstations, one 2 x 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon workstation, and two dual-processor and two single-processor PCs with Windows XP.

Given the heterogeneous layout of the lab, LN workstations are capable of running all known image processing/analysis applications, providing a complete MR imaging toolset for our researchers.

All workstations have the following programs:

Besides this, software installed depends on the operating system used:



  • MEDx: Tool for viewing and manipulating imaging data

Mac OS X

  • NeuroLens: Image viewing/analysis application
  • Madena X: Image viewing/manipulation program
  • OsiriX: Image viewer with 3-D rendering

Attention Network Test (ANT)


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