Dr. Simonyan Receives a Prestigious “NeuroImage Editors’ Choice” Award

Kristina Simonyan, MD, PhD, has received a prestigious “NeuroImage Editors’ Choice” award for her recent article in the April issue of NeuroImage.

New York, NY
 – June 16, 2013 /Press Release/  –– 

The article is entitled: “Speech-induced striatal dopamine release is left lateralized and coupled to functional striatal circuits in healthy humans: A combined PET, fMRI and DTI study”.

The study provides the first evidence for endogenous dopamine release in the ventromedial portion of the dorsal striatum during normal speaking, which is coupled with neural activity in this region and influences the left-hemispheric lateralization of striatal functional but not structural networks. These data point to the possible mechanisms behind the modulatory influences of dopamine on the organization of functional brain circuits controlling normal human speech and lay a foundation for the studies investigating speech-related dopaminergic abnormalities in patients with neurological and psychiatric disorders.