NY 1 – Chelsea Students Change their Scientific Perceptions

Dr. Benjamin tenOever’s participation in Scientific American Magazine's "1,000 Scientists in a 1,000 Days" initiative was featured on NY1

New York, NY
 – November 10, 2011 /Press Release/  –– 

When students at the Hudson High School of Learning Technologies in Chelsea learned a scientist would be dropping by their classroom, Benjamin TenOever was not exactly what some had in mind. "Lab coat, goggles, you know, crazy hair. That was my image of a scientist and very strict, I mean business," said student Jade Rigos. TenOever's visit was part of Scientific American Magazine's "1,000 Scientists in a 1,000 Days" initiative. It was launched, in part, to erase stereotypes of the look and manner of a scientist. "One of the things that 1,000 Scientists can do is show these students that scientists come in every color and every shape and size. They could be women, they could be men, they could be doing lots of different things and maybe the questions they ask are really fun questions that the students could see themselves doing some day," said Scientific American Editor-in-Chief Mariette DiChristina. Learn More