Application Process

Investigators interested in using Clinical Research Unit (CRU) resources must complete an application. The CRU administrative committee reviews all applications on a rolling basis. The applicant may be required to respond to questions and/or concerns pending approval. All studies conducted on the CRU must be IRB approved. Please note that the CRU is a fee-based service. See application for fee schedule.

Progress Report, Renewals, and Revisions

We require a yearly progress report—any changes in a study such as funding source, procedures, changes in protocol or consents, etc., must be reviewed prior to implementation on the CRU.

Requests for changes in an approved protocol must be submitted in writing with Institutional Review Board materials where relevant, with detailed explanations of the request and rationale. This request will undergo administrative review and triage with the Administrator, Medical Director and/or Assistant Director, RSAs as indicated, and Nurse Manager as indicated.