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Lina Jandorf

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Oncological Sciences


Colorectal cancer — the second most common cancer — equally affects African-American men and women. Although incidence rates have been decreasing over the years, they still remain higher for African-American men and women compared to whites. Colorectal cancer screenings such as the colonoscopy, can save lives through early detection and prevention. Therefore, Hope and Life® is a culturally sensitive health educational program that was developed to address the health disparity that exists within the African-American/Black community.

Hope and Life works collaboratively with community and faith-based organizations within the African- American/Black community. Modeled after the Witness Project® and Esperanza y Vida®, it uses creative and innovative technology to educate communities about colorectal cancer and early detection. The program was designed not only to increase knowledge about the topic, but also to improve adherence to recommended screening guidelines.

Hope and Life® trains role models — men and women who have had a colonoscopy — to share their experience and feelings of undergoing a colonoscopy. We also train lay health advisors to work with the role models in the educational component of the program.

We are actively seeking sites to conduct programs, such as churches, schools, senior centers, or private homes. We are also looking for people who have had a colonoscopy to work as program volunteers.

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