The Witness Project® of Harlem
ID 00-1219

Principal Investigator
Lina H Jandorf

Department(s) or Division(s)
Oncological Sciences


The Witness Project® of Harlem (WPH) represents a culturally sensitive educational effort that requires collaboration with the church, a powerful and far-reaching institution in the African American community. This program has been modeled after the Witness Project® developed by Dr. Deborah Erwin and her associates at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. The Witness Project® is a culturally competent breast and cervical cancer education program for African American women designed to increase adherence to recommended screening guidelines. The Project trains breast cancer survivors (Witness Role Models (WRMs)) to share their own experience of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, Lay Health Advisors (LHAs) are trained to work with the WRMs in the education component of the program. Evaluation of the Witness Project® has reveled that participants report significant increases in breast cancer screening from pre to post intervention as compared to a control group.

We are actively looking for sites to conduct programs, such as churches, schools, senior centers, or homes. We are actively looking for African American women who have been touched by Breast or Cervical Cancer to work as program volunteers.

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