Planning and Scheduling an Experiment

You must register all experiments by submitting the Use Authorization Form [DOC]. Submit via e-mail or fax 212-534-2683 – the completed form, related IACUC paperwork, and make an appointment to discuss your experiment. Since most experiments require longitudinal imaging sessions, it is important to submit a complete imaging schedule request in order to guarantee the availability of the scanner.

For scheduling or last minute changes to the schedule, please contact Yu Zhou at, 212-241-9494, or 212-659-1590.


Most of the bioluminescent models use the D-Luciferin substrate which is stocked in the laboratory. Other substrates such as Coelenterazine-h and inflammation probes can be special ordered as needed.

Animal Preparation

Investigators should be familiar with the technology and are responsible for preparing their animals or specimen. Injection of the luciferin can be performed either before bringing the animals to the imaging lab or inside the lab depending on your protocol, but is usually performed by our technologist.

Please note that there is a time factor for maximal light detection after the administration of the luciferin, which averages around 15 minutes, but may vary depending on your particular experimental model. Allow this time factor when planning your imaging session.

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