“Mount Sinai was translational long before ‘translational’ was a buzzword. One of our advantages has always been our focus on greater access to patient populations.”

Lloyd F. Mayer, MD
Co-Director of the Immunology Institute, Chief of the Division of Clinical Immunology, and Dorothy and David Merksamer Professor of Medicine

For three decades, Lloyd F. Mayer, MD, has led research designed to better understand immune system regulation in order to use immunity to redirect and treat illness. As Co-Director of the Immunology Institute, Dr. Mayer works with Sergio A. Lira, MD, PhD, to foster interdisciplinary, translational research in immunology, immunologic diseases, and transplantation.

Dr. Mayer and his colleagues have gained international recognition in areas such as primary immunodeficiency, mucosal immunity, inflammatory bowel disease, and allergic diseases. Dr. Mayer's vision for the Institute focuses on four key areas: autoimmunity, host-pathogen interactions, inflammation and immunoregulation, and immunocompetence.

Dr. Mayer's clinical interests include mucosal immunity, and his research has provided new insights into the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. Specifically, Dr. Mayer's research examines antigen processing and presentation in the intestine with a focus on the epithelium, mucosal regulatory T-cell activation and tolerance induction with a translational focus on IBD, and cytokine regulation and B-cell maturation with a translational focus on primary immunodeficiency disorders. He is currently the principal investigator of a project researching innate and adaptive mucosal immunity in inflammatory bowel disease; projects studying vaccine development against a bioterrorism threat, mucosal immunoregulation, and primary immunodeficiency; and studies examining food hypersensitivity, including peanut allergy. A prolific author, Dr. Mayer has been an editor at several professional publications, including the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Gastroenterology, IBD, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and the Journal of Immunology. He is also Chairman of the National Scientific Advisory Committee at the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.

After receiving his medical degree from Mount Sinai in 1976, Dr. Mayer completed an internal medicine residency at New York University/Bellevue Medical Center and a fellowship in gastroenterology at Mount Sinai. He spent five years at Rockefeller University as a postdoctoral fellow and subsequently served as an Assistant Professor in the laboratory of Henry Kunkel, MD, one of the world's leading immunologists, working on cytokine regulation of human B-cell maturation. He came back to Mount Sinai as an Associate Professor of Medicine in 1985. In 1986, he was named Chief of the Jeffrey Modell Division of Clinical Immunology. Later, he became the Dorothy and David Merksamer Professor of Medicine; Professor of Microbiology, and Immunobiology; and Vice-Chairman of Medicine. He became the Chief of the Henry Janowitz Division of Gastroenterology in 2003. He was named Chairman of the Immunobiology Center in 1997 and subsequently Co-Director of the Immunology Institute in 2007.