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Jewish Maternity Hospital (New York, N.Y.) Patient Registers, 1921-1933


Creator: Jewish Maternity Hospital (New York, N.Y.)
Title: Patient Registers
Dates: 1921-1933
Volume: 3 volumes, 18 inches


These registers arrived at the Mount Sinai Archives in April 2015 as part of a large shipment of material that had been in the custody of the Continuum Health Partners legal department. For a complete discussion of their provenance, please refer to the Beth Israel Medical Center Records finding aid.


This collection is closed due to HIPAA restrictions. The birth records of individuals born in New York City during the time period covered, which include the data contained in these registers, are available from the New York City Department of Health

Historical Note

The Jewish Maternity Hospital, located at 270 East Broadway on the Lower East Side, was established in 1906. The Hospital played an important role in introducing modern maternity care to first-generation immigrants unfamiliar with a hospital setting.

Both the Jewish Maternity Hospital and the Beth Israel Hospital were charter members of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies at its founding in 1917. In 1927, Federation officers looking to consolidate the Federation’s medical activities in lower Manhattan proposed a merger of the two institutions. Under the proposed terms of the merger, the Jewish Maternity Hospital would share space in the new Beth Israel Hospital building that was then under construction on Stuyvesant Square. In exchange, Beth Israel, in difficult financial circumstances owing to cost overruns on the construction project, would receive access to a $700,000 fund that had previously been earmarked for a new Maternity Hospital building. After a series of sometimes contentious negotiations, the merger was agreed upon in late 1929, and the two institutions formally affiliated in 1930.

The final text of the affiliation agreement has not been found, and few records of the period 1930-1945 survive from either institution. This makes it difficult to reconstruct the exact history of the Jewish Maternity Hospital in the years following the affiliation. An Obstetric Service was established at Beth Israel Hospital in 1933, and it appears that the staff and resources of the Maternity Hospital were gradually transferred to Beth Israel and absorbed by this service. By 1936, obstetrical services for patients at the Maternity Hospital had been moved to Beth Israel, but patient registration and prenatal clinics were still taking place at the location on East Broadway.

The Jewish Maternity Hospital continued to exist as a separate corporate body throughout the decade, and as late as 1940 the East Broadway location was still listed in New York City medical directories as the Hospital’s primary street address. The affiliation agreement appears to have stipulated the construction of a new Maternity Hospital adjacent to Beth Israel, but despite the purchase of a lot on East 17th Street, this building was never completed. The East Broadway building was sold in 1943 and became a home for retired rabbis.

In 1946 the Beth Israel Hospital and the Jewish Maternity Hospital were legally merged into a single corporate body, the Beth Israel Hospital Association. By the following year, all remaining facilities of the Maternity Hospital had been absorbed into the Obstetric Service of the Beth Israel Hospital.


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Scope and Content Note

This series consists of three ledger books, dated 1921 to 1933, which document the admission, treatment and discharge of pregnant patients at the Jewish Maternity Hospital. Entries are organized chronologically by date of admission.

Each entry includes: the name and address of the patient; the patient’s age and country of birth; the name and address of a relative or friend; the patient’s date of admission, date of discharge, and cause of discharge; the birth date and sex of the baby; the name of the attending doctor and whether the patient was treated on the wards or in a private room; and  diagnostic notes, including any complications encountered during delivery.

The third volume, covering the years 1930-1933, also includes each patient’s New York City borough of residence and the name (when available) of the newborn.

Related Materials

The Beth Israel Medical Center Records collection contains copies of the By-Laws of the Jewish Maternity Hospital and the 1946 Certificate of Consolidation with Beth Israel.

The 1927-1929 minute book of the Beth Israel Hospital Board of Trustees includes extensive discussions of the proposed merger.

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Patient Register, 1921-1925


Patient Register, 1926-1929


Patient Register, 1930-1933