Division of Data-Driven and Digital Medicine (D3M)

The Division’s mission is to create a data science and digital health hub to catalyze translational research. Recognizing that so much of what we do is driven by data, we are establishing this division as a critical step toward integrating data science and digital tools into clinical practice. Creating a hub within the Department of Medicine that promotes data science and digital health resources will augment and empower translational research and clinical care. Another priority for this new Division will be exposing medical students, residents, and fellows to the world of data science and digital health. The division will collaborate with many Icahn Mount Sinai entities, including the Mount Sinai Clinical Intelligence Center, the Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health at Mount Sinai, the Clinical Data Science team, the Charles T. Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine, the Scientific Computing and Data Science team, and others.

The computer age has redefined the balance of “art and science” in medicine. At all levels, health care is increasingly data driven. Clinical experiments directed by data science guide an ever-expanding share of practice. Unfortunately, there are many roadblocks that must still be overcome before these opportunities can reach their full potential and empower precision medicine. To overcome these roadblocks, the Department of Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has created the Division of Data-Driven and Digital Medicine (D3M), one of the first of its kind in the United States. This innovative and transformative step will help us prepare for the next generation of health care, where data will play an ever-growing role.

Girish Nadkarni, MD, MPH; Chief, Data Driven and Digital Medicine

D3M was created to be a data science, precision medicine, and augmented intelligence hub within the Department of Medicine to catalyze research and decrease barriers for clinicians and scientists seeking to use data to improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.

Our current innovation investigations focus on:

  • Using multi-modal data to understand genetic, clinical, and social determinants of disease
  • Developing novel methods to analyze and harness multi-modal data
  • Predicting the incidence and progression of disease

AI/ML Analyst Group

At D3M, a group of dedicated analysts have access to multi-modal data from Mount Sinai, as well as external databases. These analysts can help clinicians and investigators execute relevant projects.