Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Sinai

The Mount Sinai Health System innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is dedicated to developing and advancing health care solutions for patients. We believe these solutions can make a difference in the fields of medicine, education, and translational science. We are committed to encouraging and fostering faculty, staff, and students in identifying health care needs, developing technological responses, and creating businesses to bring those solutions to the public. 

To achieve these goals, we encourage innovation among all Mount Sinai faculty, staff, and students. We also work with a range of philanthropic organizations and government agencies, as well as industry partners. The goal is to develop mentoring and advising relationships with commercialization professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts.

We provide a variety of educational programs to students and the rest of the Mount Sinai community. Opportunities include formal degree programs,and less formal classes, workshops, panels, pitch-events, and networking sessions. Our incubators encourage innovative activities as well as networking and mentorship.  

Innovation Nodes at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai has a plethora of departments, programs, and initiatives, which we call “innovation nodes.” They are dedicated to developing advanced, patient-centric technologies. The integrated structure encourages collaboration among these nodes by:

  • Developing new programs and applications, and conducting clinical trials
  • Educating members of the Mount Sinai community and individuals across the innovation ecosystem about the process and outcomes of patient-centric innovation
  • Offering services and entrepreneurial projects