Innovation Support

Mount Sinai supports health care innovation in a variety of ways. Discover which innovation nodes, resources, and/or programs best align with your research, health, or educational interest. 

Departments and Groups

  1. ConduITs: This center strives to accelerate discoveries, development, and delivery of new treatments.
  2. Department of Population Health: This academic department works to improve population health and the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of health care. It develops, analyzes, and disseminates evidence to guide clinical decision-making and policy.
  3. Hasso Plattner Institute for Digital Health at Mount Sinai: The institute uses data science, biomedical and digital engineering, and medical expertise to advance health care.
  4. Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP): This team supports Mount Sinai researchers and innovators in translating research projects into health care products and services.


  1. Elementa Labs: This virtual incubator program helps position external health care and biotechnology startups for the next stage in their development with the Mount Sinai Health System.
  2. Diversity Innovation Hub: This incubator focuses on addressing social determinants of health. It uses tailored programs and partnerships to address health disparities and increase representation of women and minorities in health care innovation.

Technology Development Groups

  1. Drug Discovery Institute: The institute uses new biological insights to produce novel therapeutics.
  2. Sinai BioDesign: This product studio for medical device innovation brings together clinicians and biomedical engineers. Sinai BioDesign starts with a medical need and develops a solution, a product, and a business case.
  3. Clinical Data Science: This research group uses a real-time streaming clinical data platform. It strives to improve early recognition and diagnosis of clinical conditions, improve provider awareness and timely intervention, and enhance hospital arrangements.

Funding Opportunities

  1. i3 Genesis: Managed by MSIP, i3 Genesis provides early funding for digital health and device innovations. It focuses on products with clear commercialization potential that fill a defined technology or data gap. The i3 Genesis application period is currently closed. Please check back in the coming month for an update. 
  2. i3 Accelerator: Managed by MSIP, the i3 Accelerator champions innovation, inflection, and impact to speed up commercialization for promising, nascent Mount Sinai discoveries with strategic, milestone-driven investment.
  3. Mount Sinai Ambulatory Ventures: A wholly owned subsidiary of the Mount Sinai Health System, Ambulatory Ventures invests strategically in a wide variety of enterprises. This includes organization such as ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care centers, management service organizations, and health technology companies.

Educational Opportunities

  1. Health Hackathon: This is an annual event co-founded and managed by Sinai BioDesign, ConduITS, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. It brings students, faculty, and technologists together to rapidly build digital and device solutions to health care challenges.
  2. Icahn School of Medicine Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: The graduate school endeavors to cultivate the next generation of scientists and health professionals. It aims to improve human health, locally and globally.
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in Medicine: This doctoral program focuses on using artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technology to improve health. It performs research and trains students in applying AI to unlock health care solutions buried within massive data collections.
  4. MSIP Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: A program of Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, Bootcamp participants learn the fundamentals of health care technology commercialization at Mount Sinai. The 10-week program is open to all members of the Mount Sinai community.
  5. MSIP Fellows Program: This program educates and engages early-career scientists, attorneys, and business professionals in the commercialization process. It focuses on development of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health technologies.
  6. MSIP Tech Launchpad: A program of Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, the Tech Launchpad helps Bootcamp graduates further develop their technologies and position their solutions to gain commercial traction.
  7. SINAInnovations:An annual conference for medical innovation. SINAInnovations is designed to break down silos, forge collaborative partnerships, take calculated risks, and leverage new technologies and tools.  
  8. Targeted Healthcare Innovation Fellowship (THRIVE): Run by Sinai Biodesign in collaboration with MSIP and ConduITS Institute for Translational Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, THRIVE is a nine-month program. It brings together participants from diverse professional backgrounds to develop innovations in medical devices and health care technologies.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Groups

  1. Consulting Interest Group: Geared to students, this group develops skills related to consulting. It offers opportunities for mock and real-world application of these skills with the goal of creating a community for networking and mentorship.
  2. Sinai Biotech Association
  3. Mount Sinai Innovators Group: This group brings together students, faculty, and staff who are working on entrepreneurial and innovative projects. Members share experiences, learn approaches to technology commercialization, and develop new technologies.