Mount Sinai Innovation Awards

On Monday, October 16, 2017, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hosted the 3rd annual Mount Sinai Innovation Awards, celebrating six honors that recognize significant contributions in biomedical education and industry.

Through the dedication of presenters, participants, attendees, and our generous sponsors, SINAInnovations and the Innovation Awards continue to showcase and inspire incredible ingenuity and advances in research, technology, medicine, and health care.

Inventor of the Year

The Mount Sinai Inventor of the Year Award has been created to recognize individual or collaborative investigators in the Mount Sinai Health System whose research is making, or has the potential to make, significant positive and product-driven impacts on health.

Winner: Yiannis Ioannou, PhD

Description: Yiannis Ioannou, PhD’s work in lysosomal storage diseases led to the first ever treatment for Fabry disease, in collaboration with Robert Desnick, MD, PhD, and the discovery of small-molecules that may serve as the basis for novel therapies for the treatment of numerous lysosomal storage diseases, including those with severe neurodegenerative effects. Yiannis’ commitment to seeing these discoveries translated into products that benefit patients and his tireless effort as an inventor-collaborator with Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, culminated in the launch of a new company in partnership with institutional investors in early 2017.

Presenter: Erik Lium, PhD

4D Technology Development Program Award

The 4D Technology Development Program is focused on supporting faculty and post-doc technology development at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to effectively and efficiently move new technologies through a process of discovery, design, development, and delivery.


  • Evren Azeloglu, PhD, Smiti Bhattacharya, MSc, Michael Bradley, BSc, Matthew De Santis, BSc, Roman Scicchitano, Addison Shableski, BSc, and Safakcan Tuncdemir, PhD

       Next Generation Bandages for Improved Wound Healing

  • Ilse Daehn, PhD, Steven Coca, DO, Girish Nadkarni, MD, and Liping Yu

       Diagnostic Urine biomarker for detecting Diabetic Nephropathy progression

  • Ya-El Mandel-Portnoy, PhD and Gregor Schwartz, PhD

       Developing cutting-edge technology to improve the treatment and quality of life of Atrial Fibrillation patients

  • Jamilia Sly, PhD, Brittney Henry, BS, Lina Jandorf, MA, Sarah Miller, PsyD, and Jason Rogers

       Internet-Based Patient Activation Intervention to Improve Referrals for Cancer Screening (PAIRS)

Presenters: Rosalind Wright, MD and Louise Lammers, PhD

Faculty Idea Prize 

The Faculty Idea Prize is designed to highlight a collaborative, innovative, research idea by young investigators that can potentially be translated into a marketable product. The results of the collaborative project idea should go beyond what is possible through individual PI-driven research, and should enable launching of a multidisciplinary project that can create value through the development of therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, or digital health applications.

Winners: Hala Harony-Nicolas, PhD and Lior Zangi, PhD

Description: This Idea Prize application describes a novel, RNA-based approach to efficiently deliver neuropeptides to the brain, using modified mRNA (modRNA) technology. This prize will be used towards a proof of concept study to test the efficacy of the modRNA-based intranasal approach for delivering the neuropeptide oxytocin to the brain and thereby correcting the social behavior deficits observed in a rodent model for autism spectrum disorder.

Presenter: Lakshmi A. Devi, PhD

Dean's Healthcare System Team Science Award

The Annual Dean’s Healthcare System Award, sponsored by Conduits, the Institute for Translational Sciences, has been established to acknowledge and underscore the emerging importance of interdisciplinary teams to the translation of research discoveries into clinical applications.

Winner: The Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics - Marshall Posner, MD, Celina Su-Ping Ang, MD, Erdem Bangi, PhD, Joshua Brody, MD, Ross Cagan, PhD, Michael Donovan, MD PhD, Matthew Galsky, MD, Sara Kim, PharmD, Krzysztof Misiukiewicz, MD MSCR, Eric Schadt, PhD, Isaiah Selkridge, BS, Andrew Uzilov, PhD, and Kendra Yum, PharmD

Description: The Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics (CPCT) Study Team (5 oncologists, an experimental pathologist; 2 doctoral pharmacists; 2 genomicists; and 2 biologists), reflective of 5 departments and 3 Institutes includes MD, PharmD and PhD investigators. The CPCT team built a personalized “fruit fly avatar” using transgenic technology to identify and optimize candidate drug combinations for individual patient-derived tumors, in an effort to provide an individualized treatment plan that best aligns with the patients’ own disease biology. Thus CPCT is an exemplary model of novel & innovative team science.

Presenter: Janice L. Gabrilove, MD

Trainee Innovation Idea Award

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is committed to nurturing and recognizing innovation among all its trainees. The Trainee Innovation Idea Awards are designed to highlight innovative research ideas from the Mount Sinai trainee communities that could potentially be translated into a marketable product.


  • MD & MD/PhD Students: Theodore Pak, Mark Finkelstein, Kathleen Li, and Suhavi Tucker

       The Careteam App

    Presenter: Scott L. Friedman, MD

  • PhD Student: Rayees Rahman

       Rapid Identification of causative pathogens of infection

    Presenters: Marta Filizola, PhD and Brian Nickerson, PhD JD

  • Postdoctoral Fellow: Gaurav Verma, PhD

       Non-invasive detection of metabolic abnormalities in brain tumors

    Presenters: Marta Filizola, PhD and Brian Nickerson, PhD JD

  • Housestaff: Pavis Laengvejkal, MD and Weeraporn Srisung, MD

       MEID cloud based healthcare platform

    Presenter: Michael Leitman, MD

Mount Sinai Health Hackathon

Mount Sinai Health Hackathon is an exciting 48-hour multidisciplinary competition focused on creating novel technology solutions for problems in healthcare. This year’s theme is Cancer. These finalists were selected by a panel of judges.

Health Hackathon Finalists

  • Streamline - AI-based tool for streamlining the clinical trial protocol development process to get treatments into the clinic more quickly and cheaply
    • Team Members: Turner Baker, Michael Bramson, and Adam Friedant
  • Helping Stand - A portable device to assist fatigued and/or debilitated patients with getting up from a seated position in an automobile
    • Team Members: Yizhe Chang, Rumana Huq, Ommer Khaw, Lydia Krauss, and Yifei Shao
  • OnTrack - App-based system for assisting pediatric cancer patients with maintaining social and school based interactions during treatment so as to facilitate more seamless school reentry after extended cancer treatment
    • Team Members: Emuejevoke Chuba, Alagu Chidambaram, Lisa Gibson, Adam Hockman, Aanay Shah, and Angela Su

Presenter: Kevin D. Costa, PhD


Event Hosts: SINAInnovations, Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP), CONDUITS - Institutes for Translational Sciences, Office of Academic Development & Enrichment (OADE), Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Department of Medical Education, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and the Graduate Medical Education Office

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