Application Process

We will recruit up to 10 medical schools from the USA and Canada that: express interest in addressing racism and bias; demonstrate an openness to learning and implementing a transformational change strategy; and commit to fielding a diverse cohort of leaders, faculty, students and staff to actively participate in a multi-year collaboration using a virtual learning platform.

Applicants must be medical education leadership teams in partnership with student leaders and staff. 

Selection Criteria

Submitted applications will be reviewed and scored by a selection committee comprising members of the ISMMS Guiding Coalition (Medical Education faculty, staff, leaders and students), taking into account vision, commitment, administrative capacity, institutional alignment, diversity of institutions (geography, public/private, new/established schools, etc.)

For institutions meeting the eligibility criteria listed above, please complete and submit an application.

Support and guidance for prospective applicants will be available during virtual information sessions and virtual office hours for Q&A.


July 12, 2021

Program Applications Open

July 16, 2021 at 3 pm EST (Register Here)

Virtual Information Session

July 26, 2021 at 1 pm EST (Register Here)

 Virtual Information Session

August 2, 2021 at 4 pm EST (Register Here)

Virtual Office Hours for Q&A (session 1)

August 9, 2021 at 4 pm EST  (Register Here)

Virtual Office Hours for Q&A (Session 2)

August 16, 2021

Program Applications Due

September 20-21, 2021

Notification of Selection

October 4, 2021 at 2 pm EST

Virtual Onboarding Launch Session

October 4-December 1, 2021*

Phase 1: Onboarding & Assessment

December 1, 2021-February 1, 2022*

Phase 2: Preparing for Change

February 1-May 1, 2022*

Phase 3: Creating Climate for Change

May 1-August 1, 2022*

Phase 4: Engaging Institution for Change

August 1, 2022-September 1, 2022*

Phase 5: Implementing and Sustaining Change & Preparing for the Next Academic Year

September 2022-May 2024*

Phase 6: Ongoing Community of Practice

*tentative dates to be confirmed with notification of selection