Global Health Curriculum

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) commits core curricular time to teaching global health content. This reflects the School’s mission to produce advocates and activists who are aware of local and global disparities in health care access and health outcomes, conscious of populations that are disproportionately vulnerable to disparities, and understand their own roles in improving the health of these populations—whether in New York City or abroad.

InFocus 1—East Harlem Health and Health Equity 

InFocus 1 is a mandatory week-long course offered in the fall of first year. InFocus 1 provides first-year medical students with an overview of the status and determinants of health and health care in East Harlem, and an understanding of the complexity and responsibilities of practicing as a health care provider in this and similar environments. The curriculum includes a variety of small group discussions, lectures, and field activities in East Harlem.

InFocus 2—Global Health 

InFocus 2 is a mandatory week-long course offered in the spring of first year, and builds on the lessons learned from InFocus 1. By looking at the global distribution of disease and mortality, first-year medical students are encouraged to consider the specific health care needs of communities in the U.S. and abroad. This immersive program further highlights the complexity of the context in which health and health systems exist globally, and introduces students to strategies and tools that are used to address gaps in health status and health care delivery.

Global Health Essentials Course 

The Global Health Essentials course prepares first-year students in the Global Health Summer Research Program for their summer projects. The course aims to help students develop greater cultural competency and mental models for analyzing their positions and acting ethically in global health settings. The course also provides tools and information around health, safety and security while in the field. The Global Health Essentials Course is required for all students in the Global Health Summer Research Program, but is open to other interested students as well.