Message from the Director

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our program. I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you in the near future.

Our 4 year radiology residency training program is unique in many ways. Our "home base" is Mount Sinai West (formerly Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital Center). Mount Sinai West is located in bustling midtown Manhattan close to Columbus Circle. During your training you will spend at least half of your time at Mount Sinai West, where you will develop a core foundation of knowledge in the fundamentals of radiology.

You will spend the majority of the remainder of your training primarily at Mount Sinai St. Luke's, which is located in Morningside Heights across from Columbia University. At Mount Sinai St. Luke's, you will become well-versed in the imaging and management of trauma, particularly when taking evening and overnight call, as Mount Sinai St. Luke's is the Mount Sinai Health System's only dedicated trauma center. You will also gain valuable training in cardiothoracic imaging.

As our training program continues to expand we are working on incorporating new and exciting educational opportunities for our residents in oncologic imaging, as well as outpatient breast and musculoskeletal imaging at outpatient imaging centers uptown, in Chelsea, and downtown in Union Square. We have a collaborative relationship with our sister radiology residency program at the Mount Sinai Hospital located on the Upper East side, that continues to grow. We are working on increasing elective, research and mini-fellowship opportunities for you to pursue during your fourth year of residency. We are an ESIR designated program as of January 2018.

Our comprehensive curriculum maintains an equal emphasis on formal teaching, informal teaching, and practical experience, with exposure to subspecialty training and research throughout your four years of training. As we currently do not have structured fellowships after residency, you will have ample opportunities to gain fellow level experiences, such as post processing a perfusion CT for stroke or participating in the VIR call pool, as well as be the first one to review all studies on your rotations.

These are just a few reasons why I believe our training program is one of the best in New York City, and may one day become the largest radiology residency training program in NY State.

I encourage you to read through our website and learn as much as you can about our program. Our program is seeking hard-working, motivated residents who can thrive in a resident-driven environment. At Mount Sinai West we hope to train future leaders in radiology and will ensure that by the time you graduate you will be well-prepared for fellowship and for your future career in radiology.


Amita Kamath, MD, MPH
Radiology Residency Program Director
Mount Sinai West