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My research uses methods from empirical economics and statistics to evaluate and personalize the targeting of health services and policies. I have a PhD from Columbia University, where I studied health and development economics, and a BS in mathematics from the University of Chicago. I have a primary appointment in the Department of Health System Design and Global Health at Mount Sinai and a secondary appointment in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences. I am also affiliated with the Veterans Health Administration (New York Harbor), the Department of Medicine at Stanford University, and the Harvard Center for Primary Care.

I have a long-term interest in improving access to quality health care services for vulnerable populations. I was part of the team that started City Health Works in Harlem NY, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded organization that employs community workers to deliver home health coaching and care coordination services to Medicaid beneficiaries. I was also previously a technologist in residence at Cornell Tech, where I helped design a digital nutrition application to scale-up access to registered dietician services under Prof. Deborah Estrin, who was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2018. In partnership with the largest microfinance institution in Haiti, I was part of the team that developed a community health entrepreneur program that has now been scaled up to reach millions of rural, low-income women and children. 

Select Publications (Google scholar)

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BS, University of Chicago

PhD, Columbia University