Anne F Ambrose

Anne F Ambrose, MD

Dr. Ambrose joined Mount Sinai in 2004 after completing her Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine. She received the ERF Career Development Award from the Foundations of PMR in 2006 and the Masters in Clinical Research from Mount Sinai in 2008.Currently she is the Medical Director of the Traumatic Brain Injury Program and co-director of the TBI Model System Program. She has conducted research in cognitive impairments in the elderly and has presented her findings at the International Congress on Vascular Dementia in Latvia, International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics Symposium in Seoul and World Congress of ISPGR and Gait & Mental Function in Norway. She has strong interests in improving knowledge of Brain Injuries among physicians  and have conducted lectures  and workshops, both locally , nationally and internationally  in Malaysia, Korea and India.


Her main  clinical interests are in the treatment of patients with neurological conditions, including brain injuries, strokes and neuro-muscular disorders. Dr. Ambrose is active in several organizations including the Association of Academic Physiatrists where she is on the Board of Trustees and is the current Program Committee Chair.

Clinical Focus