Carmen Argmann

Carmen Argmann, PhD

  • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Dr. Argmann has a doctorate from the faculty of Science at the University of Western Ontario, Canada where she showed that PPARγ and LXR activation could dramatically reduce macrophage foam cell formation, a key event in atherosclerosis. During her postdoctoral studies at the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire in Strasbourg, France she contributed to the development of high-throughput mouse metabolic phenotyping protocols and demonstrated that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, improves mitochondrial function and protects against metabolic disease in vivo.

As a research scientist in Dr Schadt’s genetics group at Rosetta Inpharmatics she contributed to the designing of large-scale genetic mouse crosses to address novel facets of metabolic disease. She was involved in integrating DNA variation, gene expression, and clinical data collected, in order to uncover core networks associated with metabolic disease processes, which in turn were used to identify novel therapeutic targets for the Diabetes and Obesity franchise.

In 2010, during her time in Dr. Aerts’s lab at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, she developed further into an integrative biologist. Her main focus has become applying novel integrative systems biology approaches to understand the hallmarks and key drivers of various human diseases.

Since 2013, she has been an assistant professor at Mount Sinai in the Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and is actively applying her integrative biology approaches in various large scale collaborations associated with: generating network models in inflammatory bowel disease; finding novel human beta cell regeneration strategies for Type 2 Diabetes and uncovering genetic modifiers of screenable inborn errors of metabolism.

Figure: Example schema of the integrative approaches applied to understanding disease processes.


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PhD, University of Western Ontario