David F Bishop

David F Bishop, PhD

  • PROFESSOR EMERITUS | Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Research Topics:

Bioinformatics, Enzymology, Evolution, Genomics, Hematopoiesis, Human Genetics and Genetic Disorders, Stem Cells, Transcription Factors

Dr. Bishop is engaged in basic and translational research directed toward diagnosis, characterization, and therapy of the genetic disorders of heme biosynthesis (sideroblastic anemia and the porphyrias). In addition, he directs the institution's DNA sequencing and genotyping core facility. He currently serves on Mount Sinai's Appointments and Promotions Committee, the Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Committee, Biosafety Committee, and the Committee for Small Awards. Dr. Bishop also has teaching roles in the Graduate School.


BA, Goshen College

PhD, Michigan State University