Emilie K Grasset

Emilie K Grasset, PhD

  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Medicine, Clinical Immunology

Dr. Emilie K Grasset earned her PhD in Immunology at Karolinska Institutet, where she gained expertise on extrinsic and intrinsic regulation of B cells in autoimmunity and atherosclerosis. Through the projects Dr. Grasset led, her eyes were opened to the world at the intersection of the immune system and metabolism, namely that of immunometabolism, a novel cross-disciplinary field rapidly gaining traction. For her postdoctoral training, she therefore joined Dr. Cerutti’s lab, as projects ongoing in his lab were investigating the immune system in the intestinal tract, the site of interplay between nutrients, bacterial metabolites and the immune system.   Having gained expertise on how B cell responses contribute to homeostasis between the microbiota and the immune system in the gut, Dr. Grasset is now pursuing her own line of investigation with the following hypothesis: mesenteric adipose tissue is crucial for gut B cell function and gut homeostasis. Gut homeostasis is crucial to prevent inflammatory bowel disease, the incidence and prevalence of which has been steadily increasing over time worldwide.  


Swedish Research Council

PhD, Karolinska Institutet