Lan Zhou

Lan Zhou, MD, PhD

Research Topics:

Fibrosis, Inflammation, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy

Dr. Lan Zhou is an associate professor in the Department of Neurology at Mount Sinai.  She is board certified in Neurology, Neuromuscular Medicine, and Neuromuscular Pathology.  She predominantly treats adult patients with neuromuscular disorders with a special interest in myopathies and small fiber neuropathy.  She also performs skin/nerve/muscle biopsies and interprets biopsies.
Dr. Zhou is a physician scientist.  Her research team is actively exploring the molecular mechanisms underlying muscle inflammation and fibrosis associated with muscular dystrophy and acute skeletal muscle injury repair.  Her research is aimed to develop novel pharmacotherapy to modify inflammation, reduce fibrosis, promote regeneration, and improve muscle function and phenotype in patients with muscular dystrophy.  Her research is funded by the National Institute of Health.

Clinical Focus

Multi-Disciplinary Training Area

Immunology [IMM]