Maria P Santini

Maria P Santini, PhD

  • INSTRUCTOR | Medicine, Cardiology

Research Topics:

Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Cellular Differentiation, Fibrosis, Gene Therapy, Regeneration, Stem Cells

Dr. Maria Paola Santini graduated in Biological Sciences at University La Sapienza in Rome in 1997 studying biochemistry and apoptosis. In 1998, she moved to US to work as Research Associate in the laboratory of Professor Paolo Dotto at Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. In 2001, Maria Paola started her PhD at European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany, in Professor Rosenthal's laboratory, where she studied cardiac regeneration mediated by the pro-peptide IGF-1Ea. She continued her studies on regeneration and stem cells at Imperial College London, where she worked as a British Heart Foundation-funded postdoctoral fellow. In 2014, she joined the Cardiovascular Research Center at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, where she discovered the dual role of mesenchymal stromal cells during ischemic processes. She is currently an Instructor in Dr. Kovacic's laboratory.

Dr. Santini has authored manuscripts and reviews on regenerative studies in high profile journals and attracted the interest for dissemination and promotion of medical research among scientists and the public.

Multi-Disciplinary Training Area

Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cells [DRS]


BSc and MSc, La Sapienza University of Rome

PhD, EMBL/University of Heidelberg