Nihal E Mohamed

Nihal E Mohamed, PhD



Dr. Mohamed’s previous research has focused primarily on exploring social, cognitive, and affective factors influencing patients’ coping with and adjustment to cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Guided by a self-regulation theoretical framework, the focus of her current research is twofold: the assessment of cognitive and affective factors influencing treatment decision making and the development of applied psychosocial interventions to enhance treatment decision making, quality of life, and post-treatment healthcare among both prostate and bladder cancer patients and their family caregivers. Dr. Mohamed’s research is funded by a Career Development Award from the American Cancer Society (ACS), an Idea Development Award from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Cancer Institute.

Learn about Dr. Mohamed's Bladder Cancer patient education research, to improve outcomes by facilitaitng active patietn involvement in treatment. Learn more:


Curriculum Vitae



Fellowship, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey

PhD, Free University, Germany