Roger Clem

Roger Clem, PhD

  • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Neuroscience

Research Topics:

Auditory, Behavior, Brain, Cerebral Cortex, Cognitive Neuroscience, Depression, Electrophysiology, Glutamate (NMDA & AMPA) Receptors, Growth Factors and Receptors, Hippocampus, Knockout Mice, Memory, Neural Networks, Neurophysiology, Synaptic Plasticity, Synaptogenesis, Systems Neuroscience

Dr. Clem is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. His research is focused on how experience alters the function of brain circuits to encode emotional responses.

Multi-Disciplinary Training Area

Neuroscience [NEU]


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Johns Hopkins University