Warren H Lewin

Warren H Lewin, MD

  • ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

My training has allowed me to focus on the promotion of best quality of life for patients and families living with advanced serious illness through the provision of palliative and supportive care. In my first few years of practice I spearheaded the creation of a supportive care clinic for patients living with advanced heart failure. I am thrilled to be a part of a leading palliative care team and my mission includes: 1. Advancement of palliative medicine to include supportive care for patients and families facing any life threatening or serious illness. 2. Understanding delivery models of healthcare as a means to improve patient/family satisfaction of care received and to reduce preventable hospitalizations for medically complex patients. 3. Implementation of sustainability practices in the work setting as a driving force to maintain work/life balance, improve patient safety and work-related productivity and outcomes.