Training and Education

As research continues to deepen our understanding of psychedelic compounds, we are providing training to clinicians and education to professionals and the public.

Clinician Training

In anticipation of FDA approval of MDMA and other compounds, it is essential to begin training clinicians in this new modality of treatment. In July 2020, our Center began the first training cohort of future MDMA psychotherapists that will be working on our approved projects.

October 2022 retreat. On Oct. 23-28, we will hold a training retreat in MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD at Honor’s Haven Retreat and Conference Center in Ellenville, NY. The retreat is an exciting opportunity to learn more about this treatment approach and ongoing research investigating its use, and will include an emphasis on working with veteran and military populations. Clinicians who have participated in past trainings have shared that the experience greatly impacted how they approach their trauma focused work, even outside of this specific treatment model. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until July 29, or until training slots are filled. Please feel free to forward this announcement to any colleagues who may be interested. Learn more about the training program here.

Public and Scientific Education

Given the relatively recent reemergence of the psychedelic field, high-quality information is not available in the broader scientific and mental health communities. To address this, the Center will issue ongoing programming on the latest scientific developments in the field. In addition, the Center will take an active role in collaborating with other psychedelic researchers around the world and help to organize the field to share research and resources.

Lecture series

The Center hosts a monthly lecture series for our internal academic community headlining top names in the field of psychedelics. Once the lectures have taken place, the links will be posted to our YouTube playlist for external audiences to view and share. 


MINDSET (Mount sINai psycheDelic Science EducaTion) is a student club within the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research. The club aims to build community among students, trainees, faculty, and staff in all clinical and research disciplines. We hope to create discourse about psychedelics to foster the next generation of clinicians and researchers. In the future, MINDSET will host social events, journal clubs, clinical symposia, and other unique educational opportunities. For now, in light of the ongoing pandemic, all events will be remote.