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The Mount Sinai Stroke Center was founded as one of the first fully integrated facilities conceived specifically to advance new avenues for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of strokes.

The Center, founded in 1988, currently under the leadership of Stanley Tuhrim, MD, is comprised of an outstanding team of pioneering medical experts who practice innovative treatments in the rehabilitation of patients with cerebrovascular diseases.


Several treatments are now available to treat strokes within just a few hours of the onset of acute stroke symptoms. The Mount Sinai Health System offers advanced treatment for stroke, including:

  • Intravenous clot-busting medications for acute stroke.
  • Delivery of clot-busting medications directly to the affected cerebral vessel using endovascular techniques.
  • Mechanical extraction of the blood clot that is occluding, or blocking, the cerebral vessel.
  • Carotid endarterectomy and carotid and intracranial stenting for treatment of carotid and cerebral artery stenosis.
  • A specialized neurocritical care unit with state-of-the-art monitoring for post-procedure care.
  • Ongoing evaluation and management of stroke patients in a dedicated, state-of-the art acute stroke unit.

Our Research

The Mount Sinai Stroke Center is positioned on the forefront of stroke research and treatment. The center is a leader in the development and implementation of frontline medical therapies for the prevention and treatment of strokes.

Clinical Trials

The Mount Sinai Stroke Center is one of 25 regional coordinating centers in a network recently established by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) to develop and perform clinical trials in the prevention and acute management of all forms of stroke, as well as in stroke rehabilitation. We are currently involved in the following research:

  • A series of studies to determine the causes of underuse of effective stroke prevention therapies among minority populations.  Most recently, we have implemented and evaluated a program to address these causes in patients at The Mount Sinai Hospital, as well as those living in the communities served by Mount Sinai.
  • Two federally funded, international studies assessing the efficacy of thrombolytic (clot-busting) medication in helping to dissolve blood clots in patients with intracerebral bleeding.
  • The application of new computed tomography (CT) scans and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques in patients with stroke to provide quicker and more accurate diagnostic and prognostic information.
  • A multicenter cooperative study to determine the safety and efficacy of a high-dose statin medication for use as a neuroprotective agent in acute ischemic stroke. 
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