Institute for Medical Education

Faculty Development and Scholarship

As a core element of the mission of the IME, we are committed to providing faculty development programming that is both innovative and relevant to our educators.

Through our Medical Education Faculty Development Facilitators, we are able to deliver faculty development programming specific to teaching and learning skill development for faculty and resident educators across our health system.

Our instructional methods include small group teaching, interactive workshops and consultations.

Available Programming and Workshops

  • Introductory Faculty Development for Medical Student Educators
    • List a variety of strategies for teaching medical students in the clinical workplace
    • Identify and describe strategies for feedback
    • Become familiar with important Mount Sinai policies related to medical student education
  • Giving Effective Feedback – Interactive Workshop
    • Recognize the evidence-based principles of effective verbal feedback
    • Develop an efficient method to set expectations at the start of a learning relationship
    • Acquire a framework for timely and effective feedback in a variety of settings – wards, clinic
  • Time Efficient Teaching – Interactive Workshop
    • List the Steps of the One-Minute Preceptor model of clinical teaching
    • Explain how each step fosters effective and efficient teaching
    • Demonstrate understanding of the One-Minute Preceptor on a sample student presentation
    • Integrate the One-Minute Preceptor model into your clinical teaching


IME provides research funding opportunities for faculty educators and medical students at ISMMS.

IME Challenge Grant Program

Fostering the success of our educators includes providing programs that develop and reinforce their scholarship.

To encourage and support scholarship and innovation in medical education, IME funds research projects (grant amounts range up to $10,000) that address important problems or questions facing medical education today. High-quality research proposals on the following topics are strongly encouraged:

  • Innovative curriculum design
  • High quality assessment and evaluation of learners
  • Meaningful program assessment
  • Innovative instructional methodologies or models of learning
  • High quality faculty development
  • Enabling a positive learning environment
  • Questions exploring the “how” and “why” of medical education approaches

Eligibility (subject to change)

  • Applicants must be faculty at the Mount Sinai Health System or affiliate institutions
  • Faculty may submit only one proposal as an applicant. An applicant may serve as a team member on other submissions
  • The proposal is not currently receiving funding from other grants
  • The project must be conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine or at an affiliate institution
  • The project must be completed within 12 months of the project start date

Application and Submission Process (subject to change)

2019 Application and Submission

Currently we are not recruiting IME grantees, this page will be updated when the next round of applications becomes available.

IME Grantees

For a list of our current IME grantees and their projects look here

IME Scholarly Year Program

The IME funds rising fourth year medical students who are interested in doing a Scholarly Year related to Medical Education, under the close mentorship and supervision of ISMMS faculty.

Medical education research includes research related to topics including, but not limited to, curriculum design, assessment and evaluation of learners, program assessment, innovative instructional methodologies or models of learning, faculty development, learning environment, and questions exploring the “how” and “why” of medical education approaches.

Application and Submission Process

Currently we are not recruiting IME Scholars, this page will be updated when the next round of applications becomes available.

IME Scholarly Year Students

For a list of our current and past IME Scholarly Year Students and their projects look here