Centers of Excellence

The Friedman Brain Institute is an interdisciplinary hub that is composed of 10 Centers of Excellence. Its goal is to define the mechanisms underlying brain and spinal cord disorders and to translate those findings into preventive or restorative interventions.

The Institute is focused on three major areas of investigation where Mount Sinai can be truly transformative:

The Institute will be judged by its success in advancing brain repair, developing new ways to advance cognition, and improving the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. For more than a century, Mount Sinai has been a leader in brain research and treatment. The work of the Friedman Brain Institute will build on this strong tradition by translating research advances into fundamentally new and improved treatments.

The Friedman Brain Institute comprises of 10 Centers of Excellence (Chiefs are listed in parentheses):


Contact Us

Center of Excellence on Brain Aging
Patrick Hof, MD
Tel: 212-659-5904

Center of Excellence on Brain imaging
Rita Z. Goldstein, PhD
Tel. 212-824-9312

Center of Excellence on Cognition & Neural Plasticity
Matthew Shapiro, PhD
Tel: 212-659-5941

Center of Excellence on Computational & Systems Neuroscience
Ehud Kaplan, PhD
Tel: 212-241-9607

Center of Excellence on Myelin Disorders: Mechanisms & Repair
Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD
Tel: 212-659-5988

Center of Excellence on Mood, Motivation & Addiction
Yasmin Hurd, PhD
Tel: 212-241-5007
Paul Slesinger, PhD
Tel: 212-241-5007

Center of Excellence on Neurodegeneration
Samuel Gandy, MD, PhD
Tel: 212- 241-4215

Center of Excellence on Neurodevelopment Disorders
Joseph Buxbaum, MSc PhD
Tel: 212-241-0200

Center of Excellence on Novel Neurodiagnostics & Neurotherapeutics
Giulio Maria Pasinetti, MD, PhD
Tel: 212-241-7938