Cancer Research 

Under the leadership of Dr. Steven Burakoff, five programs have become the focus of cancer research in The Tisch Cancer Institute:

Cancer Programs

Disease-Focused Programs

Population Science Programs

Shared Resources 

Five shared resources are supported by the TCI: 

Basic Science Shared Resources:

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Mouse Genetics
  • Microscopy

Clinical Research Shared Resources:

  • Biostatistics
  • Biorepository and Heme Bank

In addition, there are two more shared resources in development:

  • Immune Monitoring Lab
  • Vaccine Lab

Clinical Research Services

The TCI offers clinical research services including:

  • Cancer Clinical Trials Office
  • Protocol Review and Monitoring System
  • Early Phase Clinical Research Support
  • Data Safety Monitoring Committee 

Development Funds 

In addition to providing shared resources to members, The TCI also offers protocol specific research support and hosts interdisciplinary meetings and retreats. Finally, The TCI also awards Development Funds. In keeping with its research focus, The TCI has these developmental funds set aside to encourage and foster collaborative efforts.