Early Phase Clinical Research Support

Scientific Director: William K. Oh, MD 

The Tisch Cancer Institute is dedicated to innovative, translational cancer research. A linchpin of such research is the development of novel investigator-initiated clinical trials that utilize a “bench-to-bedside” approach. It is well-appreciated that funding for such novel studies is often either unavailable or only partially available, and in such an environment, Tisch Cancer Institute and Icahn School of Medicine is committed to facilitating such research by making specific resources available to qualified investigators. The ultimate goal of such support is to allow programmatic development of such novel, translational approaches that will ultimately allow independent funding, facilitate broader industry support and make meaningful discoveries that enhance translational cancer research. 

The Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCES) Mechanism provides support to clinical and translational investigators in several ways. This is intended to support pilot, phase I and phase II trials developed at Mount Sinai and which otherwise are unfunded or underfunded from traditional sources. Particular attention has been paid to key Cancer Institute programs, young investigators of promise, ideas developed out of Mount Sinai laboratories and studies that have immediate translational promise to cancer patients. In addition, studies that have particularly been targeted to reach out to neighboring communities in East and Central Harlem, Chinatown and Queens have been prioritized. 

For more information on Protocol-Specific Research Support, please contact the Scientific Director, William K. Oh, MD

Application for Early Phase Clinical Research Support [PDF]