Taxes 2015: The Science of Procrastination Explains Why We Delay

 – April 14, 2015  –– 

As the clock winds down on filing 2014 taxes before the April 15 deadline, you know there are people out there wondering why they couldn't have just done it in February.  It turns out, there's a reason a third of Americans hadn't filed their taxes with a week to go before the deadline, psychology experts say. Those who procrastinate do it because they've learned this behavior over time as a coping mechanism, they said. In many cases, it dates back to childhood. "People usually procrastinate or put off doing something like a complicated task or so on because it makes them feel uncomfortable or brings up negative or unwanted emotions," said Rebecca Greif, a psychologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

-Rebecca Greif, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, The Mount Sinai Hospital

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