Surgical Theater: Flight Simulation Technology Helps Surgeons Prep

 – April 2, 2014  –– 

Before fighter pilots go into battle, they always do one thing first: practice.  Fortunately, flight simulators have long allowed pilots to train and rehearse their complex missions in advance, so as to limit the amount of surprises they might encounter along the way.  Doctors at The Mount Sinai Hospital now use such a simulator  program called Surgical Theater, which allows physicians to prepare and practice complicated brain surgery before they even enter the operating room.  “Where we find it useful is in specifying which type of approach – and what we will encounter – on the way to the pathology,” said Joshua B. Bederson, MD, Professor and Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at The Mount Sinai Hospital.  “By doing it pre-operatively, we have a much better sense of what we’re looking at during surgery.”  

-Dr. Joshua Bederson, Professor and Chair, Neurosurgery, The Mount Sinai Hospital

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