Healthline - New Businesses Let you Smash your Way through Stress and Anger - David Heitz

 – November 6, 2013  –– 

At the Anger Room in Dallas, people can break somebody else's things in a controlled environment. In fact, these pay-to-throw-a-fit businesses have been popping up all over the world - the most recent to launch are The Break Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and The Rage Room in Novi Sad, Serbia. Nelly Alia-Klein, MD, a Professor of Psychiatry at The Mount Sinai Hospital, acknowledges that letting pent-up stress build is not a good idea, but she emphasized that long-term solutions are the best way to prevent explosions. "Long-term benefits come from changing your thoughts about a situation," said Dr. Alia-Klein.
-Dr. Nelly Alia-Klein, Professor, Psychiatry, The Mount Sinai Hospital
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