Medscape Medical News - Restless Limbs, Migraine, and Bruxism May Form a 'Triad' - Carol Helwick

 – October 18, 2013  –– 

There may be an association between restless limbs syndrome, migraine headaches, and bruxism - grinding or clenching of the teeth - a new study suggests. "I have accumulated a large number of patients with restless limbs syndrome (RLS) in my practice, and I designed a questionnaire for them to learn more about their condition," said lead author David J. Dickoff, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at The Mount Sinai Hospital. "There is a strong clinical and genetic association of RLS, bruxism, and migraine headaches," said Dr. Dickoff, who presented his findings at the American Neurological Association (ANA) 2013 Annual Meeting.
-Dr. David J. Dickoff, Assistant Clinical Professor, Neurology, The Mount Sinai Hospital
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