Cause For A Headache - Joshua Krisch

 – October 31, 2013  –– 

Recent imaging studies indicate that migraine headaches leave behind battle scars, pockmarking the brain with lesions similar to those seen in stroke patients. The findings have led clinicians to question whether casual headaches could be harbingers of debilitating neurological disease. Sait Ashina, MD, Director of the Headache program at was often dismissed as relatively minor neurologic events. Dr. Ashina and his colleagues analyzed 19 different studies that had previously found a correlation between migraines and structural brain abnormalities Beth Israel Medical Center says, “Generally, migraines have been considered benign, primary headaches, with no long-term consequences, however our study suggests the opposite.” He says until recently, migraines. This so-called “meta-analysis” was published in the August 28 edition of Neurology.
-Dr. Sait Ashina, Director of the Headache Program, Beth Israel Medical Center
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